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USITT 2015

I went to USITT. It was my first. Here are some things that I learned:

  • Penn State maintains an incredible inventory of important fixtures and paperwork from lighting history
  • AutoDesk's 123 modeling applications are all incredible
  • Setting where the z-axis homes (to top of material or top of bed) on a CNC machine is important
  • You can make awesome custom extruders for a CNC machine (like plaster)
  • I want my school to get a CNC machine
  • Drafting standards are still important with CNC
  • Windows networking configuration sucks on XP but does suck a little less on Win7
  • Costumers are totally into 3D printing
  • There's a lot to know about threaded fasteners
  • I already knew this, but Figure 53 is good people
  • I missed Wednesday, and should not have done that
  • Some companies just can't manage to create software that's both powerful and well designed
  • Always know someone from FSU
  • Ballroom A is not Grand Ballroom A
  • There are many many ways to automate something to slide back and forth on one axis
  • Test, test, test, be smart, test
  • What happens when the power goes out?
  • You don't have to be young to be into show control technology
  • SysEx
  • I live in the golden age of show control
  • TAIT uses VR to demo some of their designs
  • TAIT is the coolest
  • I want to work at TAIT
  • QLX has been used Off-Broadway a show designed by a Tony nominee. Humblebrag.
  • Lots of people use QLX
  • I need to make time for more projects involving programming
Alec Sparks