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Performer Tracking Experiment

Performer tracking systems like BlackTrax are A) incredible and B) super expensive. I'm attempting to replicate one of the most common effects, tracking a performer with a moving light. It's an experiment.

My concept is to put a small IR LED on the performer and have an IR (and only IR) sensitive camera mounted to the moving light itself. This avoids the need for multiple cameras or RF technologies. Then software can move the light until the LED point is in the middle of the camera image.


I elected to use nodewebkit for its flexibility and simple Artnet output. Capturing the webcam and identifying the spot proved easy. However, the pan/tilt would always overshoot as it moved towards the center. I believe the problem stems from the high-latency network cam I was using.

I'm going to get a Playstation Eye camera, which runs at 60fps, and try it with that. It's $8 on Amazon.

Alec Sparks