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QSpotify- Controlling Spotifty from QLab

I'm beginning to sense a theme here. This script allows you to control pretty much everything about Spotify as well as perform fades in and out. Everything is configured in the Name of the Script Cue.

I built this because I have been given Spotify playlists to use for intermission and preshow music a couple of times. You can ensure the music will always be available, even without an internet connection, by putting whatever music you want in a playlist and enabling "Available Offline."

Spotify URI's, like spotify:track:0cpqdCX3qWdlijOmKnnHly can be obtained by right-clicking on a track in Spotify and choosing Copy Spotify URI

Download QSpotify

QSpotify on GitHub

Only one option to configure- the path to QSpotify.scpt. Configuration is in a separate Cue List so it can be hidden away.

Alec SparksQLab